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Isolation and disenfranchisement are the intended outcomes of hate crimes, and the impacts on the LGBTQ communities of Wilmington, from Talana Kreeger’s horrific murder, are evident to this day.

The fact that seventeen US states… including North Carolina… currently have no hate crime protections for their LGBTQ citizens is more than reason enough to tell these difficult stories, particularly because the most vulnerable queer people… the old, the young, the poor, the uneducated… may not have directly benefitted from recent legislative advances.

Tragically, LGBTQ people have been targeted by violence at a rate that can only be called epidemic, as hate crimes have actually increased since the historic Supreme Court decision on marriage equality, with violence aimed at gay men and trans people becoming all too common in recent years.

In light of this growing concern, the Hate in Our State tour is bringing Park View to universities, faith communities, and nonprofits in this state, and across the US, in order to highlight the ongoing risk of hate crimes and the need for political action.  Please contact elected officials and advocacy organizations in your state, to express the need for hate crime protections for LGBTQ people, and follow the Hate in Our State tour on this page!

Contact the Park View production team to schedule a 

screening at your university, faith community, or nonprofit.



University of North Carolina        November 16, 2022



University of North Carolina        April 11, 2023



Watershed Charlotte                      June 8, 2023                      

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"They were saying... she is a lesbian... she brought it upon herself..."

Kris Dempsey
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