Mouths of Babes Theatre Premieres Park View Stage Production

On October 5, 2019, Trey Morehouse and the Mouths of Babes Theatre 

premiered the original stage production based on the Park View Project, at Bourgie Nights in Wilmington, NC.


This staged reading is the first public performance of this documentary theater work-in-progress that will bring the story of Talana Kreeger's life and death to a broader audience.

Laura McLean Composes Park View Soundtrack! 

Singer/songwriter Laura McLean has honored the effort to bring Talana Kreeger's story to life, with her hauntingly beautiful original song, "Left for Dead," performed at events for the Park View Project.  Now, as a result of the generous contributions of our supporters, Laura has composed the soundtrack for Park View, with the same gritty soulful style that has brought authenticity to the production!

Thanks for your contributions to the Park View Project with the Frank Harr Foundation

The Park View Project was excited to receive fiscal sponsorship with the Frank Harr Foundation, a nonprofit in Southeastern North Carolina whose education and advocacy for local LGBT communities has been supported by your tax-deductible contribution.

Crowdfunding Launch Party September 16, 2016

Join the Park View Team on Friday, September 16, 6:00pm for our Crowdfunding Launch Party in Wilmington, NC., as you enjoy the cash bar, snacks, and the debut of the original Park View soundtrack music by singer songwriter Laura McLean.   

Stephen Sprinkle Joins As Narrator, Associate Producer

Associate Producer Stephen Sprinkle, with his groundbreaking book Unfinished Lives, brings a more meaningful telling of the story of Talana Kreeger, with his moving narration that will make Park View accessible to a much broader audience, as the production invokes universal themes that will resonate nationally.

MCC Founder, Rev. Troy Perry Interviewed for Park View

Reverend Troy Perry, Founder of the LGBT-affirming Christian denomination, Metroplitan Community Church (MCC), was interviewed for Park View, where he discussed the legacy of hate crimes in the history of the church.

Audience Engagement Consultation by Working Films

We are grateful for the Audience Engagement Consultation by Anna Lee and Molly Murphy of Working Films, an organization that builds partnership between nonfiction media-makers, nonprofit organizations, educators and advocates to advance social justice and environmental sustainability, and support community-based change.

"The funeral homes and the churches that turned us down...feared that so many gay people gathered was too much of a target."

Frank Harr
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